Bæd Time

Myan Myan Studio (Taiwan)

# Theatre

Duration: approximately 1 hour
Performed in Mandarin
Suitable for people aged 13 or above
Remark: Audience will need to sit on the floor during the performance

You can never sleep when you go to bed at a bad time

Two girls’ playing "Who Will Sleep First" is supposed to be a comedy.
During their chat, one of the girls’ story unfolds.

Bæd Time begins with two girls playing “Who Will Sleep First” to bring out a discussion about life, death and existence, revealing the true identity of one of the girls and the life and suffering caused by bullying of another girl. Myan Myan Studio of Taiwan uses a sugarcoated story to tackle a very serious social phenomenon that is sometimes very close to us.

Producers: Ben Ieong and Lai Chi Ting
Playwright and Director: Lai Wen Chun
Stage Design: Hsieh Jung Han
Costume Design: Chu Min Hsuan
Lighting Design: Wei Kuang Cheng
Sound Design: Chou Li Ting
Make-up Design: Zhang Yi Zong
Stage Manager: Liao Yuan Ching
Video: Lin Tzu Yao
Performers: Lin Tang Yu, Hu Shu Mien and Wu Hsiao Hsuan

25, 26/1 Friday, Saturday 20:00
Old Court Building, 2nd Floor (no elevator)

MOP 120


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