Flash Mob – Phubber Drama

Cherrie Leong

# Interactive Performance

Performed in Cantonese

There are always phubbers around us. Yet, are we not one of them?

Smartphones have become our most intimate pal, and everyone is glued to it. During family or friend gatherings, everybody just look down at their phones, indulging in social network or games. “Phubbing” thus emerges as a trendy term, a label. Perhaps we are also one of the phubbers.

Through interaction and face-to-face communication with the target people, Flash Mob – Phubber Drama reflects on the current society, offering a new understanding of yourself and the life experience around you.

Creation: Cherrie Leong
Director: Rex Cheung
Performers: Kathine Cheung, Venus Lao and Cream Cheung

19/1 Saturday Edifício da Administração Pública Bus Stop (M153)
21/1 Monday Kun Iam Tong Bus Stop (M104)
Please stay tuned to our Festival’s Facebook page for the performance times


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