Be My Old Friend

Dream Theater Association

# Theatre

Duration: approximately 40 minutes
Performed in Cantonese
Suitable for people aged 3 or above

An old object evokes deep memories

Mr. Lou has a passion for radio and electrical industry. At the time when black and white televisions were not popular, he led a team at Zhongshan Electrical Appliance Factory and produced Guangdong’s first television under the brandname Zhongshan.

Ms. Yu, who likes novel things from the West, moved from Mainland China to Macao. After working in Macao for two years, she finally had enough savings to buy her first watch.

An old object that looks ordinary to us may have an irreplaceable position in one’s heart. With those cherished objects, the elderly tell us their personal stories, piecing together the bygone days of Macao.

Director: Jason Mok
Performers: Niken Lai, Natalie Chan, Ian Lao, Christine Ng, Sita Cheong and Friends from Centro Paroquial de St.º António

19, 20, 26/1 Saturday, Sunday 14:30, 16:00
Lou Kau Mansion

MOP 80


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