Ephemeral Windows – Rooftop Street Art

Barlo (Italy) and CURB – Center for Architecture and Urbanism

# Installation, Exhibition

Portrayal of people and their personal stories on rice paper in an urban setting

Ephemeral Windows – Rooftop Street Art brings together a celebrated street artist and participants of all ages as co-authors to create a series of illustrations portraying people and their personal stories on rice paper. These illustrations will then be installed on the rooftop of Ponte 9, at the Inner Harbour, redressing the building with an ephemeral street art installation.

Aiming to disseminate the rice paper as a non-invasive street art technique, this initiative is an act of sharing and engagement between different layers of our society, fostering civic transformation through art.

Curator: Filipa Simões
Street Artist: Barlo
Technical Coordinator: Hermana Heong

13/1 Sunday 17:30 (Opening)
14/1 – 9/2 Monday to Saturday 14:30 – 18:30
Ponte 9 Rooftop


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