Macao Magic Cinema

Sou Tai San x Sun Chan San x Wong Kai Ian

# Film, Magic


Step into the world of magic for a wondrous journey

Making a coin appear out of thin air, pulling colourful scarves out of a top hat, making a person levitate… It is amazing how magic makes the impossible possible.

This performance is a combination of magic and film, two different forms of art. Alongside screenings of animations themed on magic, magicians will perform on the spot magic tricks and interact with the audience, taking both adults and children on a magical journey.


Duration: Approximately 40 minutes
Performed in Cantonese 
Suitable for ages 13 and above


Magicians: Sou Tai San, Sun Chan San and Wong Kai Ian
Planner: Lao Keng U
Coordinator: Wong Yeuk Ying Rita
Technical Director: Kong Seong Fong

22/1 | Sat | 15:00
Pak Wai Activities Centre

MOP 80


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