The Never-ending Task of the Moment

Comuna de Pedra Arts and Cultural Association x Associação dos Familiares Encarregados dos Deficientes Mentais de Macau

# Theatre

They are not lowly; they are on their way and their voices can be heard

If one's life is controlled by others, who has the right to tell the story? Whose voice has long been ignored?

Performers will express their own experience, understanding and desire through various means, including language, dance, music, images and videos. Bridging the gap between performers and society in the form of art, this production lets us listen to their stories, understand their true desires and pursuits while enabling them to draw their own map of world views which crosses the boundaries of language, culture, common labels and personal barriers.

Duration: Approximately 1 hour
Performed in Cantonese
Suitable for ages 6 and up

Director, Creator and Performance Coordinator: Jenny Mok
Performers: Hoi Ka Sin, Mak Peng Hong, Lou Mei Ian, Ngai Tong Loi, Mak Ka Pui, Ieong Man On, Sou Io Hou and Tang Kuai Lan

* Stair climbing service is available. Please call 8399 6872 on or before 16 January for registration.

Old Court Building Blackbox Theatre
20-21/1 | Wednesday, Thursday 
20:00 | Old Court Building, Black Box Theatre (no elevator*)

MOP 120


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