Grandma's Treasure Box 

Lei Ka Mei 

# Theatre, Exhibition

Open the treasure box and recount precious memories

Grandma has an old treasure box with several locks. Every time she opened her treasure box, she would first lock the room door to hide away from others, looking rather mysterious. What is inside this treasure box? Jewellery and watches? Money? Heirloom? 

Grandma's Treasure Box, adapted from the creator's life story, reveals the secret of the treasure box and tells the story of how a grandma and her grandchild went through different stages of their life together, seeking to convey to the audience the happiness of caring and being cared for. 

Sharing session after each performance

Director and Performer: Lei Ka Mei
Playwrights: Lam Ut Seong and Lei Ka Mei
Dramaturge: Fok Ka Hang

Pou Tai Social Service Building
31/1 | Sunday 
11:30, 15:00 | Pou Tai Social Service Building 

MOP 80


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