A Gentlemen's Fight with Puns and Tea

Chan Si Kei

# Cross-talk, Stand-up Comedy

Battle of humour between dim sum and chopsticks

A cross-generational battle is taking place at Tai Long Fong Tea House! Staged in an old-style Chinese tea house, A Gentlemen's Fight with Puns and Tea combines various forms of verbal performance art, including Chinese cross-talk, witty dialogues and stand-up comedy, to satisfy the entertainment appetite of any audience. 

Without any sound or lighting effects, this performance is solely based on the comedians’ words and actions – expect an exciting battle of humour that continues the laughter from Seven's Up four years ago. 

Duration: Approximately 1 hour
Performed in Cantonese
Suitable for ages 6 and up (may contain coarse language)

Producer: Chan Si Kei
Performers: Cheng Man Cheng, Fong Sek Un, Un Kuok Weng, Ho Kuok Man and Bacalhau (Leng Weng Hou, Leong Chi Long, Ho Weng Kin and Pui Sin Tat) 

Tai Long Fong Tea House
29-30/1 | Friday, Saturday 
20:00 | Tai Long Fong Tea House 

MOP 80 (Tea included)


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