On Site – ImprovFlashMob 

# Dance, Physical Theatre

Let the body dance unfettered, in free improvisation

Dance improvisation is a spontaneous creation of movement without any rehearsals or choreographies. It is a true expression and release of the inner impulses, dancers move at will and heart-driven – not limited by time, space, theme or concept. Just dance freely anywhere and anytime. Without any preset and limitations, ImprovFlashMob is an event of dance improvisation that will surprise you!

Curator: Tracy Wong 
Artistic Director and Programme Coordinator: Mao Wei
Producer: Sarah Sun
Video Artist: Kim Lei
Performers: Concept Pulse Studio (Sonia Lao, Chole Lao and Karen Hoi), Lee Hong Kiu, Li Tuo Kun, Diego Sinniger, David Novoa, Albert Garcia and Xiao Zhi Ren

to be announced
10/01 | Friday | 17:00
Company of Jesus Square (at the bottom of the Ruins of St. Paul's stairs)


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