Macau Artfusion x Macau Talent Academy Association

# Music, Physical Theatre, Installation

“Eye” see you

Nothing is quite what it seems, do you know where the real world begins and ends?

Through the “eyes”, the performance aims to immerse with people, culture, creativity, freedom and art. LOOK@YOU is a kind of “moving art installation”, through the creative body movement, music and mobile art installation, audience are invited to look, see and feel with the “eyes”. It intends to make people know more about the place where they live. Join us and look at each other in a different way, and you will see what we really are!

Live Performance
18/1 Saturday 15:00 
Jorge Álvares Square
Duration: Approximately 2 hours

18, 19/1 Saturday, Sunday 11:00
Meeting Point: Ruins of St. Paul’s
Duration: Approximately 1 hour

Creator, Artistic Director, Producer and Costume Designer: Laura Nyögéri
Performers: Daê Teixeira, Mafalda Ramos, Filipa Lima and Madalena Lopes
Production: Daê Teixeira, Lo Iok Iong and Maria Gracinda Neves
Technical Director: Luís Bento
DJ: Raise (Paulo Reis)
Photography: António Leong

Jorge Álvares SquareRuins of St. Paul's

18/1 | Saturday | 15:00 
Jorge Álvares Square

18, 19/1 | Saturday, Sunday | 11:00
Meeting Point: Ruins of St. Paul's


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