Wandering Rabbit

Yike (Mainland China) x Own Theatre

#Art Therapy #Live Art

The wonder Wandering Rabbit doesn’t know how to right wrongs, nor can it triumph over evil. Without a word, it uses the most common objects from everyday life as a vehicle to take you on a special spiritual journey to find your soul and feel the present moment.

Artist Yike has newly created the concept of “creative interactive art and therapy”. With body and media, this concept integrates people, environment, art and mind, directing audience for a better self-understanding to achieve self-healing. The Wandering Rabbit has wandered around Shanghai, Denmark and Beijing before a long overdue visit to Macao. It will stroll along the streets in Macao for two days and help you search a corner of tranquility in your heart through art.


Live Art: Yike
Co-producers: Yike and Tam Chi Chun
Administration Coordinator: Leong Ka Wai


Approx. 2 hours


14/1 (Sun) 11:00 / Sir Robert Ho Tung Library
14/1 (Sun) 15:00 / Macao Museum of Art
15/1 (Mon) 10:30 / Leisure Area at Rua do Pai Kok, Taipa
15/1 (Mon) 15:00 / Taipa Library



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