Miro Lab Workshop

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Miró Miró on the wall, whose art is made for all?
Miró Lab invites participants to explore the wonderful art of the Spanish surrealist master Joan Miró, and more importantly, their own hidden artistic selves.

Composed of a photo exhibition and live museum, as well as workshops on body painting, movement, creative expressions and photo shooting, this electrifying programme embodies the artist’s strong belief that art should be made accessible to all. What’s more, the Miró Lab encourages participants to turn art into a part of themselves, literally and physically! They will be able to have not only a glimpse into the spirit and soul of the artist, but also an opportunity to creatively reinterpret his whimsical paintings with their own hands and body. Join us at the Miró Lab – it’s a space full of spark and energy where you can surely let your creative juice flow!


13, 14/1 (Sat, Sun)
Anim’Arte Nam Van
MOP 80
Target Participants:
(13/1) Persons aged 16 or above, preferable in performing arts field
(14/1) Children and youngsters aged 6 to 15
No. of Participants per Session: 12
Registration on a first-come, first-served basis. Accepted applicants will need to pay the fee at the Cultural Affairs Bureau.
Languages: Cantonese, Portuguese and English

1. Participants should wear pure black tops and shorts or pants.
2. The activities require body painting. People with sensitive skin or allergies should consider carefully before participating.
3. Participants will be photographed during the activities and the photos may be used for future publicity and promotional purposes.

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