Arts Administrators in Mainland China: Stay Deficient or Go Resourceful?

Experience Sharing Session of Arts Administrators

The journey of engaging art as a career is never smooth.

You wanna focus on being just an artist, but still have to deal with administrative matters ... Is it wise to turn a hobby into a career? Let’s chat about the sweet and bitter sides of an arts administrator role as well as things concerned by all of us in the field:

  • Organising activities in mainland China: where to look for funds? Where to find an audience?
  • The hard choice for an Arts Administrator: to live for art or to live by art?

The Macao City Fringe Festival has invited renowned Chinese independent theatre producer Yuan Hong to share his experiences of more than 10 years as arts administrator. Whether you are interested in the development of the performing arts in mainland China or not very sure of your own development as an art administrator, come along to this sharing session and discuss.

Speaker: Yuan Hong
Being considered as one of the most valued independent theatre producers in Mainland China, Yuan Hong has been actively involved arts administration since 1997.   Apart from the well-known Edinburgh Fringe Showcase, Yuan Hong also plays the role as the producer in Hangzhou XiXi International Arts Festival (2015), Shanghai Xintiandi Festival (2016) and China Jiangsu Original Studio Theatre Biennial (2016).

21/1 (SUN)
Village Mall, 3/F(Rua do Campo 258, Broadway Centre)
Language: Mandarin

Free Admission by Registration on a first-come, first-served basis

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