Ergao Dance Production Group (Mainland China)

19,20/1|Thursday, Friday|20:00

MOP 50


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Sunglasses, flares, red lips, disco music and flashing lights! All these feed your ears and eyes! Come to Disco-Teca. Enjoy being crazy and explore your “truer” self!

Concept: Er Gao and Fabrizio Massini  
Choreographer: Er Gao
Music: Simon Bishop
Lighting Design: Tam Lok Min
Performers: Hui Wu, DianLing Zhang, Shaojun Wang and Lisa Bardin
Invited Scholar in Disco Culture Studies: Dr. Wang Qian 
Invited Theatre Direction: Xiaoli Tan
Commissioned and Presented by: IBSEN International
Production: Ergao Dance Production Group
Acknowledgement: Stella & Artists


Duration: approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes, no interval


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