A Step to Theatre: Put out the Flame

Trodden Dreams (UK) x MW Dance Theatre

# Dance

Out of emotional impulse, love and flame blast in a flash

When there is not enough light, the colour drains from our vision; without the fire, a relationship becomes cold and dark. 

Put out the Flame is a dive into the emotional distance inside a couple’s life, how physical proximity can sometimes reveal the inability to connect. We observe the continuous routine of two people living in the same space, which is steeped in melancholic nostalgia of what once was warm and colourful. How easy is it to fall into living half a life?

Duration: Approximately 50 minutes

Suitable for ages 6 and up 

Curator: Tracy Wong
Producer: Sarah Sun
Executive Producers, Creators and Performers: Tracy Wong and Mao Wei
Directed and Concept by: Jos Baker
Assistant to Director: Inês Carijó
Technical Coordinator and Stage Director: Horis Chao 
Technical Assistant Coordinator: Venix Chao
Lighting Design: Law Man-wai  
Music Design: Neville Li and Jos Baker
Set Coordinator: Jacob Wu
Video Artist: Kim Lei

Old Court Building, 2nd floor (no elevator)

12/1  | Sunday  | 19:30
13/1  |  Monday  | 20:00
Old Court Building, 2nd Floor (no elevator)

MOP 120


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